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Shikar Safaris

" I have hunted 4 Asia countries one twice and all 5 trips have been booked and hunted through Kaan Karakiya at Shikar Safaris. Hunting Asia can be tough with language barriers and things not seeming to happen on the same time frame you are on but all hunts have overall went smooth even with one hunt not being successful Kaan has came through and has always done his best to make sure we have been taken care of his operation has great hunt all across Asia but I personal have experienced Turkey, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Azerbaijan with Shikar Safaris and have had great success on all countries. I look forward to hunting more of the great Asian species with Shikar in the near future." McKenzie Sims

Punjab urial hunts
Blandford Urial hunts
marco polo hunts
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Shikar is the Asian equivalent of Safari in Africa. In the old days the most classic "Shikar" was probably a tiger hunt in India. Those days are gone, but todaythe mountains, forests and plains of Asia beckon, holding a variety of game that in some areas actually rivals Africa... and presenting some of the most adventurous hunting experiences remaining on this earth. Shikar Safaris is bsed in Turkey and has been organizing hunts in Eurasia-Asia and Europe-for 18 years. We have not only traveled many times to each of our destinations; we have had "boots on the ground" in organizing hunting-based conservation programs in several countries.

Ibex hunts
Ibex hunts
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Marco polo hunts

Shikar Safaris offers hunts across a multitude of countries across the Asia and European continents for species  including, Marco Polo Sheep, High Altitude Argali, Gobi Argali, Hanguy Argali, Gobi Ibex, Alto Ibex, Bezoar Ibex, Sindh Ibex, Mid Asian Ibex, Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep, Blandford Urial, Punjab Urial, Afghan Urial, Kashmir Makrhor, SULAIMAN Markhor, Bukharan Markhor, Bukharan Urial, Astor Markhor, Anatolian Red Deer, Anatolian Chamois, and more 

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