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East Africa Plains Game


Tanzania hunts
Tanzania hunts

Rungwa Game Safaris.


Harpreet was born and raised in east Africa and, at age 16, shot his first Cape buffalo in Maasailand. After earning his PH license in 1997, he worked for other outfitters and then established his own operation, Rungwa Game Safaris, in 1999.

Hunt. Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Lesser Kudu, Souther Gerunuk,

and much more.


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Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris:


Started by Nassos Roussos in 1980's pioneering the hunting industry in Ethiopia now led by son Jason Roussos this team hunts the best areas found across ethiopia for a wide variety of game.


Hunt. Mountain Nyala, Abyssinian Great Kudu, Lesser Kudu, Northern Gerunuk,

and much more.

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