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Trusted Taxidermist

Splitting image Taxidermy

Splitting Image Taxidermy.

South Africa.

 We believe that a hunter's experience should be cherished, and so we offer a service that honours those unique and special memories and equips you to tell your adventure story. Every part of your journey with us, from communication to craftsmanship is carefully considered in order to create an experience worth remembering.

Mount.. Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard,Kudu, Impala, Blesbok, Wildebeest, and much more.


High Uintahs Taxidermy


Dean Schulte, owner and lead taxidermist, guarantees quality standards. Dean handles all conceptual design and quality control, along with being involved directly on the shop floor as lead taxidermist. The staff consists of 3 full time taxidermists, two technicians and one office manager.

Mount. Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Lesser Kudu, Southern Gerunuk,

Mule deer, Elk, and much more.

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