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I’ve done a lot of different things in the outdoor industry and just in business over the last 12 years.

Outdoor TV show, Apparel brands, Promotion company, guide, gym owner, construction worker and a few other smaller short time deals. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve had Instagram accounts deleted, I’ve had companies go backwards, I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’ve been sued, I’ve had bad employees, the list can go on and on. But one thing is I’ve learned from all of it and I want to help you from all my learning experience. It's 2024 Brand is everything. You have YouTube, email marketing, social media, texting platforms, and so much more. It's time you take advantage of these things to build your brand and make your company successful. You shouldn’t be trying to pull clients in at the next trade show, you should have a line waiting to book with you. Get a head of the game and start building your brand today.

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Social Meida 

Want to get better at social media? I can help give you the tips of what I've learned and am learning to buld a more effective soicla media brand.

Weekly emails

Have a email list? 

If you do good if you dont you need one.

Ill tell you why and help you get a game plan to make it work for you.

Trade show Material

Learn what I believe works the best for up coming trade shows

Buildling your brand daily

its 2024 brand is everything.

I spend alot of time reading,studying and paying to learn from some of the most sucessful people that run massive companies and have big brands and I want to share this with you.

Youtube Channel

YouTube is the way forward. Learn what im learning and what you could do to help build your brand 

look for the future 

I know your busy now but will you be in the future or will a hungry up and coming outfitter take your shine. Far to often you see people let off the gas and companies go backwards, if your not growing your dieing. Trust me I've experienced this before and I promise you I wont go back that way, I want to help you avoid that same mistakes.


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