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Other Important Information for hunting Africa 

TOPS permits – the permits required to hunt endangered and threatened species.

your outfitter must request and apply for these permits prior to you arriving for your hunt.

All forms need to be in hand before you hunt the listed specise below.

You need to verify with your outfitter that the species you wish to hunt are not on this list or confirm that they are on the list.

Tops species

  • Black Wildebeest

  • Bontebok

  • Cape Fox

  • Blue Duiker

  • African Elephant 

  • Sharpe’s Grysbok

  • Honey Badger

  • Brown Hyena

  • Spotted Hyena

  • Leopard 

  • Lion

  • Nile Crocodile

  • Oribi

  • Common Reedbuck

  • Black Rhinoceros

  • White Rhinoceros

  • Serval

  • Suni

  • Roan 

  • Cape Mountain Zebra

  • Hartman’s Zebra

  • Tsessebe

Importing Personal Sport-hunted Trophies from Africa: Guidelines for U.S. Hunters

View the PDF below 

With a world of ever changing rules and regulations you need to verify and make sure with your outfitter and import broker what the current regualtiosn are for a given country and or species to be hunted, exported and imported into your country of origin

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