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Zebra Burgers

Burchell Zebra were on the list for both of us during this Safari. We had lots of people prior to and still to this day ask how can we hunt a zebra? Especially people that know my dad as a very big horse guy. The answer is, “it can be quite difficult” as these perfectly camouflaged equines can disappear and blend in very easily if they are in any sort of vegetation and shadows. The Zebra does present the perfect target that is know as the Zebra triangle but executing this shot isn’t super easy. On this safari our camp cook prepared and made what I believe is still the best burger I have ever had and it in fact it was a Zebra burger. Zebras aren’t just for rugs, and cat bait. They to make some great meals for yourself during a safari.

My Namibia Burchell Zebra

My dads Zebra


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