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You have to know what’s bad to know the good.

You have to know what’s bad to know the good.

When trying to plan your first Safari it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the never ending list of who to go with these days as social media has become part of our lives.

I see it regularly where someone is promoting an outfitter after their first Safari ever and suddenly they are the Elon musk of hunting Africa. They are trying to sell a hunt without any data they don’t know if that places is good on a scale of different outfitters they don’t have anything to compare it to. Someone who’s been twice with two different outfitters has more validation than one person who has been 5 times with one outfitter.

The outfitter could be a top shelf company but you still need to take it with a grain of salt and really think does this persons actually know what they are talking about or are they just trying to get a commission and not really care about your experience?

If you wouldn’t ask a bum how to make money, or a fat personal trainer how to get in shape, why ask someone that has next to no experience in hunting Africa or anywhere for that matter to book your dream hunt you’ve saved up for?

Those who haven’t done can’t teach.


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