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Wildlife Wednesday Post 2/21/24

Puku, Zambia 2018

This weeks Wildlife Wednesday is on the Puku.

The Puku is a medium sized antelope with a

majority of Puku hunts taking place in Zambia with a few coming from Tanzania.

You could say that the Puku looks like a smaller lechwe and you would be correct because they are both part of the Kobus Bovidae family . This group also consist of the Kob, waterbuck and all the sub spices found for each.

As the other Kobus family members you typically find the puku in and around water and marshy areas. You might see one or you might see a group of several of them depending on the areas and numbers. They are a great eating antelope just like all the other African antelope and is a great experience traveling to the areas they call home. I hunted this very nice Puku in the Luangwa valley with @jasonstone470 in 2018.


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