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Wildlife Wednesday.

The poor man’s buffalo, the wildebeest.

Kings, Blue, and Black Wildebeest

The wildebeest is know as a common game species hunted in Africa where they exist they are typically seen frequently and in good numbers. Some subspecies have a limited range creating a limited availability.

Most people think of the mass migration herds they see on National Geographic that is the blue wildebeest subspecies know as the white-bearded wildebeest they are hunted in northern Tanzania. You than have your two other most common species the Blue and black wildebeest these two are primarily hunted in South Africa but have populations in Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana with the blue wildebeest stretching into parts of Zambia and Mozambique. The two other species of wildebeest being the Cookson and Nyassa have a much more limited range the Cookson only being found in the luangwa valley of Zambia while the Nyassa calls the southern part of Tanzania and the northern part of Mozambique home. In South Africa you do have a few color variations that have come about such as the Golden Wildebeest, Kings wildebeest, and the Royal wildebeest.

To hunt and collect all the species and even color variations of wildebeest a person will have to travel across much of the continent and get a great deal of experiences along the way.


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