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Why you NEED a trophy import broker

With the Safari season really ramping up and the major time for first time Safari goers nearing (June-August) I want to emphasize on the importance of having a broker.

What I mean by a broker is having someone here in the US that knows the ins and outs of the trophy shipping logistics for permits, ports of entry and so on.  This is their full time Job on importing to the US and going through customs and boarder control they will know all the fine details and rules that for many of us would take so much more out of our busy lives to handle and could result in many unneeded storage fees and even loss of your trophies. 

 Going with a good broker will ensure that all your trophies are cleared once they enter the United States by having all the proper paperwork in hand from all necessary US government agencies. They will have a working partnership with the Outfitter, the dip and pack, the shipping company, and your chosen taxidermist for a seamless process making sure that your shipments flow through the process in an efficient manner.

See more at the video below.


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