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What you dont see on social media.

A part that a lot of people on the “internet” don’t see is the benifit to the hunting. They see the grip and grin, the trophy photos and that’s it they might read the caption but most the time they just see that and either keep scrolling or they sit and paint a picture in their minds about how hunting is. Even hunters have different views on other hunters post.

Every few people will actually take the time anymore to read a book, an article or even a limited character Instagram post. If you’ve read this far your part of the 0.60% that actually engage in a post these days. Now let me get to the point of the post. In this clip we are distributing meat to a local village in the caprivi strip of Namibia after a successful elephant hunt. We chat with the elder of the village about how hunting benefits him and his communities with the much needed protein, the Cash benefits and the other community projects. It’s humbling experience to see people that live off nothing and have nothing be able to benefit from legal hunting within the areas they call home.


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