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What to hunt on your first Safari?

What should I hunt on my first Safari?

A lot of people want to go to Africa but are not sure exactly what they want to hunt and I use to think getting asked a question “what should I hunt? “ was weird but I understand that Africa offers so much that it can be extremely overwhelming to the person booking his or her first safari.

With this question though I think people tend to want to please others with what they hunt and I’m not a big fan of answering it because different people want to hunt different things and if I don’t mention something they want to really hunt I feel like they might trade that for something I do mention. So when I say this take it with a grain of salt and if you have something you really want to hunt go hunt it. You might want a springbok instead of the Impala do it they are great to hunt, you might want a baboon instead of a warthog perfect hunt the baboon.

Your dream Safari is “your” safari not anyone else’s you don’t need to try and do something that you think others might not like as much. I give you this simple list to give you an idea of what is a great starter hunt but again it’s your Safari hunt what you want to hunt.

Go to Africa you will never regret going on Safari with a top shelf outfitter and getting a true Africa experience.


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