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There is far more to a Safari Part 1

I believe there is a large group of men and women that don’t get the recognition they deserve from a Safari and in this mini series I want to show case them.

This first post I want to dedicate to the trackers, the guys that make it happen, whether that’s following up a DuggaBoy or trying to make do with your poor shooting these guys when they are good flat out work.

The skills some of these people have are incredible from spotting game, to following tracks on ground that’s tougher than your paved Walmart parking lot they have in an Ian Nelson fashion, they have very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long career.

You almost never understand each other they know limited English, and you know limited or none of the language they speak. But being on the truck with these guys laughing and having fun is what makes a Safari.

If you have taken the trackers for granted or think different of them you should re frame your thinking. If you haven’t experienced a Safari with these great men, when you do make sure you let them know you appreciate them and enjoy every minute you get with them.

Tracker handing me down my bow

Team in Tanzania partying with a Kaboobi

checking bait placment in Zambia

Head tracker ben relaxing in between tracking elephants


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