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The Truth about fitness and hunting

he truth is you do not need to be a marathon runner, a body builder or an Olympic weight lifter to hunt big elk, sheep, or go on Safari.

stone sheep hunting
Climbing up looking for stone sheep

I know many of hunters who are not your mens health magazine cover nominees or going to win Mr Olympia Men’s Classic Physique. But they consistently shoot far bigger bucks and bulls and hunt more sheep than any of the outdoor fitness influencers.

traking cape buffalo
Tracking Cape buffalo

Eastern whitetail hunters and safari hunters have always got a bad wrap of it not being a physically challenging hunt and most people that do it are lazy and over weight. Now I can’t contest to the whitetail side of things but I’ve worked harder on multiple safaris both physically, and mentally than I did to get my grand slam of North American wild sheep.

Lifting weights
you dont have to lift extremly heavy but get in the gym and build some muscle

All this being said I believe that fitness is key for the longevity of doing what we love in the great outdoors. Regardless if you’re a mountain hunter, a whitetail hunter, a turkey hunter, or someone with a passion for Africa like I have. We are all hunters and to continue to enjoy and do this activity we love for many years to come for ourselves and with family, friends and for many our children. We need to focus on our health and fitness. Thats watching what we eat, making sure we drink enough water, and get movement in daily. Trust me I love food and in hunting camps there is typically some of the best food you can eat and when your over seas you want to enjoy the new foods you get. But we should all plan for that to where we can enjoy the entire experience of the hunt from the hunt itself to the food in camp. Let’s make fitness a priority for all of us in 2024 it’s not to late to start.

I enjoy running it gets me outdoors more and keeps my legs primed for long hours on the tracks of buffalo.

Doing the spartan events is something that will put you to your limits.

doing full marathons and half marathons will increase your cardio

pack out
Pack loaded and heading out of Aoudad country


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