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The start of my second Safari

SCI 2009 was my second year attending the annual @official_sci convention and my first year of being a life member. 2009 was also when the finals plans were put in place for my second Safari.


Attending the SCI convention is one of the best resource tools to planning a Safari, it can be dangerous as the options for incredibly cool hunts all around the world are endless but if you’re wanting to meet outfitters in person and get a hunt planned the annual SCI convention is the place to do it.


During our first visit to SCI in 2008 an auction item caught our eye, and it was a father and son plains game hunt in Namibia with Hunters Namibia Safari and Bwana Moja aka Marc Watts. It was to be filmed by Marc’s production company at the time Sable trails production and had two @rigbygunmakers rifles included. This hunt was scheduled for August 2009 to ensure enough time for the rifles to be built and allow for everyone time to adjust schedules. The final plans were put in place during the following years SCI convention, and it was just a few short months later and we were heading back to Africa.

Famous Manyara pick up replicas. 62" and change

Low quality photo high quality taxidermy SCI 2009

More taxidermy from SCI 2009


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