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The Pygmy Antelope of Africa.

The Pygmy Antelope of Africa.

I do know a few hunters who have traveled to Africa that have no desire in the little stuff and that’s okay, it leaves more for me.

If you can’t tell I love Africa, all the hunting it offers, and the different varieties of fauna and flora. There is an almost endless list of the small Pygmy antelope species from the countless Duikers, up through the Dik-Dik , Oribi, Klipspringers and more. Being in pursuit of these little guys will literally take you all over the continent, you might get all the hunt able species but it will take some work, and could take multiple trips just for one.

There is just about more hunt able Duiker species found in Africa than there is big game species found here in North America.

The photo above is of a really nice Steenbok I took on my 3rd Safari.

I’m along ways from hunting them all but I will be in pursuit of these little guys every chance I get.


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