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The Mini 5

To me the little animals are just as impressive as the big and offer a wide variety of hunting opportunities. During the course of looking for the big 5 I had another quest to hunt some of the smaller species members of the tiny ten and Pygmy antelope I called it the mini 5.

We had started the “Mini 5” in South Africa but now being in Tanzania we were presented a new variety of the tiny antelope. The Oribi that is found in Tanzania is recognized by the SCI record book as the central Oribi. The Oribi was a speices I hadn’t encountered yet in my Africa travels but had one on license while in Tanzania. A few days of cruising the concessions we turned up a nice ram using the @jarrettrifles 375 loaded with solids I was able to make a shot on this ram while he was in the shade.

Central Oribi from Tanzania


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