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Here is the story of how my very first African Safari came to be. This was 15 years ago and 16+ safaris later and I tell you it’s become the greatest passion in my life. This Safari has led to some incredible experiences in Africa and into other parts of the world. It has provided me with incredible learning experiences and some lifelong friendships. It is also what started the passion that has brought me to creating all this content for you to learn more about a continent I love so much. I hope you enjoy this story and that it shows you even having some minor hiccups on a trip it’s not the end of the world and just rolling with the punches is far better than losing your mind and running the entire trip. Remember if you enjoy it please share it with a friend and cheek out all the links below to a lot more free content and some of the products I truly believe in.

See the full video here.

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This is no way the gold standard or do I know everything but I do know what has worked for me over the years. I hope this 100% FREE course can help you when planning your first or next Safari to Africa.


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