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The first leg of a big safari

We arrived for our first stop of this big five adventure at @africanfieldsports. This would be where we would do a Rhino green hunt (with a dart)

We were welcomed by owner Mike Murray and our Ph Sakkie along with tracker bootie. The plan was to spend a few days here hunting some plains-game and have a crew together to dart the white rhino. African Field Sports is located in the Karoo of the Eastern Cape. Although I had been to the Eastern Cape before this was entirely new scenery and terrain. I didn't know what to expect or what it was going to be like doing a dart hunt. Excitement and anticipation levels were high.

South Africa hunts
Arriving in SA for the first leg of the safari.

Hunting in South Africa
Mike Murray greeting us as we land.

Hunting South Africa
Metting with PH Sakkie


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