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The Dik-Dik

Wildlife Wednesday facts:

According to Princeton Field guides there are 12 seperate subspecies do Dik Dik found across Africa.

They are listed as the following.

Gunther’s Dik-dik

Smiths Dik-dik

Kirk’s  Dik-dik

Thomas Dik-dik

Cavendish’s Dik-dik

Hinde Dik-dik

Damara Dik-dik

Silver Dik-dik

Salts Dik-dik

Swayne’s Dik-dik

Phillips Dik-dik


Harar Dik-dik

How ever only SCI only recognizes

Damara, Gunther, Harar, Kirk, Phillips, and Salt with the Phillips only being entered 3 times with only 1 being entered in the last 3 decades.

According to Princeton I believe there could be some separate subspecies that have been taken  as SCI range for species is larger than what Princeton believed

The photos above are of a Gunthers that I took in Ethiopia’s Omo valley and than a Hinde’s from a photo I took in the Arusha national park in Tanzania (info give by Princeton)

I find the wildlife of Africa so fascinating and love diving into books on the subject.

Guenther Dik-Dik from Ethiopia


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