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Take More Photos

Take more photos and store them!

If your going on a Safari make sure you take more photos. You don’t need a fancy camera with today’s cellphones, taking a camera is a better option in my eyes but if you don’t, use your phone and take more photos.

Back in 2007 phones didn’t have cameras on them and to be honest taking lots of photos wasn’t a thought in mind. The result of that is the photos above. This was my first Pygmy antelope of Africa, a Southern Bush Duiker and these are the best photos I will ever have of it because well, they weren’t an important though at the time and boy do I regret it. Over the last 10 years I’ve become a photo junky on all the trips I’ve been on and still at times I loose photos and think I never took enough.

Photos are memories to last well beyond your lifetime, so take more of them.


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