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Shane's Experience With Me.

"I Purchased a hunt at a fundrasier for 4 to 5 people to go to Africa. The process started and a year later we were 48hrs from landing in Africa. I got a call from our agent that someone wasn't going to be able to meet us at the airport and we needed to figure it out for our first night. None of us liked this option.

I made a few calls and Mckenzie was one of them. In 24hrs time Mckenzie not only hadus going to Africa, he had got us on with another outfitter and everything was 5 star from there.

It was atrip of a lifetime where 5 of us took 40-45 animals and I can't thank

Mckenzie enough for what he did!!"

Shane Farella.

Shane and his group went on to enjoy a 7 day safari and between the 4 of them they took over 40 different animals with the outfitter I set them up with. 

I love being able to help others out and change what could have been a train wreck into a hunt of a lifetime for these guys.

south africa hunting
What Shane had to say about his Africa hunt I helped him out last minute on.


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