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Rooikraal ranch at first sight.

After arriving in Windhoek we ate a quick lunch, checked out a few shops, and headed off to camp. It was a short our drive when we rolled into Rooikraal ranch home of Hunters Namibia Safaris pulling into this 50,000 acer property situated in the Camelthorn Kalahari country of Eastern Namibia. The terrain consisted of small rocky hills with huge savannas and patches of bushy areas, It was like rolling into hunting paradise for 3 young boys. Arriving at the incredible rustic lodge of natural stone with thatched roof tops and balcony’s that over the landscape and a near by water hole that was flourishing with game. The walls of the rooms and lodge were  lined with incredible taxidermy work of some of the greatest species found within the hunting area, we settled into our rooms and got ready to meet the team.

Rooikraal ranch

The lounging area walls lined with some incredible trophies from the area

Comfortable Rooms

More great mounts of game from the ranch

view from the lodge


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