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My first Safari part 2

We had arrived very late into Port Elizabeth and upon arriving we come to find that all our rifles and a bag each are still in Atlanta. Luckily, we had enough bags to have clothing to hunt in. (This was when we packed the kitchen sink and didn’t know how a Safari camp worked. Will talk about this more in a future post.) So after the missing bag issue was squared away with the airlines off to camp, we went with the reassurance from the airline that the bags would arrive. It was just over an hour’s drive to the hunting camp. The drive was done in the dark, and when we arrived into camp it was knocking on the early hours of the morning, so we had yet to see what Africa looked like. Arriving at camp we quickly got settled into our comfortable chalets with the attempt to get some sleep. I’m not sure if it was jet lag or the excitement of being in Africa but not much sleep was had, and we were up early awaiting the sun to light the African landscape. Once daylight started to come we were welcomed by a low celling of cloud cover with a light rain, fog, and mist. The little landscape we could see around camp was eye opening and almost just a little teaser of what we were to experience over the next 7 days.

Our chalets where we would be staying during our Safari.

View between chalets


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