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My first Impala

The Southern Impala was my second African antelope I was lucky to take on the first safari. I don’t remember how this hunt all unfolded or how many I might have missed beforehand but what I do know is that it’s made a Safari hard to not take the opportunity to take one of these amazing antelope species. The Impala must be one of the most numbered plains game species across the continent as its range is from South Africa all the way up into East Africa countries such as Uganda and Tanzania. The Impala has 3 different subspecies the Southern Impala, the East African Impala (hunted in Tanzania and Uganda), and the black faced/Angolan Impala. With different color variations found in South Africa.

You will take an Impala for many reasons on a Safari being that it might be your first, a true monster, for camp meat, or for the tree when in pursuits of a leopard. The Impala is like the multi tool of the bush and provides the safari goer with a great experience with each encounter.

My first impala


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