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Missing Ethiopia

Getting fresh updates from the bush in Ethiopia from my friend sure has me missing that great country.

Ethiopia is such a special hunting destination offering some species only found there such as the Mountain Nyala and Meneliks Bushbuck. The country differs in terrain and habitat having elevations over 10,000 feet across the mountain zones and one of the lowest elevations in the world found in the Denakil depression  -410 feet below sea level and is one of the hottest places on earth. The country is extremely populated due to its incredible fetal lands for agriculture but within the protected hunting areas the game is flourishing.

It truly is a wildlife life mecca where the game and the habitat has a value.

  I dream of making it back over to that great country for a few more safaris.

Southern Gerenuk

Jason Roussos

Lesser Kudu

Mountain Nyala country

The shot setup

Mountain Nyala


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