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It's Chess Not Checkers

The baiting game was in full process with having a cape buffalo and a kudu in the tree’s. The daily process was traveling and checking each bait in hopes we had a big tom or a mature lion absent of a pride hitting the baits. This required long days in the vehicle traveling many miles with the gut bucket in the back of the land Cruiser, along the way we would be searching for more buffalo tracks to keep up on our bait as well as the key plains game species found within the Rungwa area. Having these trail cameras at each bait was a great tool in helping us identify the cats being able to know if it’s a male or female, young male or mature male along with knowing the timing of when these cats were hitting the baits. Tanzania is a daylight only hunting country so you’re really hoping these cats are hitting the baits during daylight hours.

It’s a game of chess not checkers.


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