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Hunter's first safari

“In June 2022 with the help of McKenzie Sims my dream of going to Africa hunting became a reality. Through his knowledge and experience of being to Africa on many occasions, he was able to push me in the right direction in going with the best and most affordable outfitter in Namibia, HuntAfrica Namibia Safaris. I ended up having a trip of a lifetime, taking 7 animals, I hunted several other species unsuccessfully but that had nothing to do with the outfitter, guide, or location in fact he tried his hardest to get me everything on my list. McKenzie was also able to put me in touch with a great travel agent, who prepared all my flights and travel, which was a big deal for me since I have never been out of the country before or even on an airplane till this trip. I hope to go back to Africa many more times, including back to the outfitter that I hunted with this time, and I will never hesitate to reach out to McKenzie Sims again for his advice or help on booking an international or North America”

Thanks for the support Hunter nothing I love more than seeing people go to Africa and have a life changing safari.

Hunter's Kudu

Hunter and his Warthog

Hunter's Gemsbok

blue wildebeest
Hunter and his Blue Wildebeest


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