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How Hard is it to take my own rifle to Africa?

Big topic I see a lot lately as people get ready for their first trip to Africa this year is taking their own firearm.

I do understand how it can seem to be an overwhelming process. However it isn’t as bad as it might appear or what you might hear. I’ve done a lot of international travel 30+ international trips with my own rifles and bows and I’ve only ever had two issue knock on wood. I did build a video giving some info on how I’ve always done it to prevent me from having to many issue as of yet. The full video is on my YouTube channel and I dive into how I pack the rifle, what documents I get and how I rely heavily on@patricktravelguyto make sure traveling with my own rifles is a stress free, fun process. These hunting trips are meant to be fun and enjoyed starting out on the wrong foot with rifle issues isn’t a good way to begin a trip. I hope what I’ve learned can help you.


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