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Hooked On Spiral Horns

I finished off that first trip to Africa taking a nice Cape Bushbuck ram. We had spent a few morning’s and evenings glassing the canyons of the property these shy and elusive animals called home and only seen a few young rams and females but on that last full day of the safari this ram gave me a shot at just over 200 yards and I took it. Taking the Cape Kudu earlier in the hunt and finishing it off with this Cape Bushbuck is what really set off my obsession for the spiral horns of Africa. I have been fortunate to take 2 other species of Bushbuck and 3 other Kudu species across the continent since this first safari and not matter what safari I’m on, if there is spiral horns in the area, and on license they are on the list.

Cape Bushbuck

The start for my love of the spiral horns


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