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Have A Taxidermy Game Plan

Have a Taxidermy plan before you go on your safari.

These are two of my Bushbuck. The first is a Menelik’s Bushbuck from Ethiopia and the work was done by @deansart93 and @swtchmob21 this was done in 2011

Now the second is a Cape Bushbuck from South Africa that was done in 2008 in South Africa.

Although the mount still brings back memories it doesn’t have near the quality of work like the other one. Yes it was back in the early days of Africa hunting for me and yes African Taxidermy work has come along ways but the point is before you go on your Safari you should take the time to find a Taxidermist that does quality African work.

I say this because NO the guy that does your whitetails and mule deer won’t do that great of a job if he has never done it before they are not the same. I see it every year good North American taxidermist putting out crap to mediocre at best African game. Thats just the truth, some people really have a niche they cover and do damn good work at.

The very best Taxidermsit that do quality African work have a passion for Africa they have been multiple times and know what these animals are like on the hoof and study them before and while they mount them.

The taxidermy from your trip is something you shouldn’t just take lightly and penny pinch on because they are your memories that should far outlive you.

So when planning your safari locate a Taxidermsit that does good work and make a plan with him or her prior to leaving on your trip they will give you shipping tags and any other key elements they want and need for doing your taxidermy once it is home.

If it logistically works for you I’d highly recommend @swtchmob21 @deansart93 for any of your African taxidermy needs.

Meneliks Bushbuck

Mount done by High Uintahs Taxidermy

Cape Bushbuck

Taxidermy done in South Africa in 08


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