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First order of business in Tanzania

When hunting cats bait is of high priority when you first arrive in camp sometimes you’ll be fortunate that there might have been some pre baiting from previous safari’s but it won’t last long so you need to get baits up quick. So day one in Tanzania we were after bait.  Some might think any meat will be the best and all though that could be true a Kirk Dik-dik isn’t going to be much of a bait to keep a leopard or a big lion coming back let alone a jackal. So you will be looking for bigger game, zebra and buffalo make wonderful baits as well as Impala and hippo. When my PH @nigeltheisen spotted this kudu bull we quickly went to working making a short stalk down the road on him. He was off the right hand side of the road in some thick Miombo woodland and at the first shot he hunched up as if it was a good hit and began running to the left crossing the road in front of us giving me another shot before disappearing into the thick Miombo once again. Not 100% sure on the shots we regrouped and moved down the road as we neared where we belived the bull had crossed Nigel spotted the bull down just a few years into the forest. We were on the board in Tanzania with a Beautiful East African Greater kudu and most importantly we had bait.

kudu hunting
East African Greater Kudu

Kudu hunting
We now had cat bait


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