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First Eland Hunt

Eland was on the list for this trip.

Eland hunting can be extremely tough following these great big animals across the country side that can turn up a ground eating trot like nothing else.

This is where the love for eland hunting came in, one they taste incredible and have a lot of meat, but they can produce a hunt that’s so close to buffalo hunting and elephant hunting that you scratch the  itch when you take up tracks of a eland bull. Now we spent a lot of time tracking a group of eland on this hunt and I was getting pretty worn out around mid day when we finally got a shot and although I didn’t get the biggest oldest bull I was proud of him. It was fun having my new found friend @michael.kotze with me during this hunt that would lead to many more over the years to come.

Eland hunting
My first Eland bull with my friend Michael

My dad and the late PH Joof Lamprecht with his Eand bull


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