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First African Antelope

While hunting our Blesbok we never struggled to find them as on these cattle farms they were everywhere however  I struggled in making it happen on many opportunities. This was my first big game hunt I had no real life experience of getting on the animal and making it happen, so a few good opportunists went by because I was slower in getting setup and from over thinking about of it.  During the course of the day my dad had taken a nice Blesbok and I believe another member of our group got one as well and with the day was coming to an end I managed to make it happen collecting my very first African Antelope species the Blesbok.

A few facts on the Blesbok:

The Blesbok is part of the Damalisc group of antelope found in the Boviadae family, they are a medium sized antelope that have a big white bles down their forehead that has a horizontal brown stripe that divides the bles above the eye’s. Bles stands for blaze in Dutch that surely was part of the name giving.

The Blesbok is a subspecies on the Bontebok also found in South Africa.

I haven’t hunted a Blesbok in my recent Safaris but I will say they are a fun hunt that can be challenging as they can be in big groups with lots of eyes.


My first African Antelope

My dads Blesbok


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