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Experience over everything

A safari to Africa is far more than just about the what animals you take, it’s about the experience of Africa. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the taste that all come with it. It’s seeing your first Aloe tree, it’s driving the back roads soaking up all the scenery, it’s see the terrain that certain species prefer, it’s playing with the jack Russell’s and if your lucky the blue duiker that calls camp home. Having animals in the salt shouldn’t be the number 1 priority. It should be the memories made and the friendships built along the way. Especially if one is going on their very first Safari to South Africa one should enjoy it, slow down and focus on the memories and not just the trophy photos for social media.

Aloe Plants.

Black Wildebeest

Africa is not flat

Chicken, Blue Duiker, and a Jack Russell


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