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Don't let the headaches of travel get in the way of your next hunt.

When going to the far-off corners of the world to hunt travel can be a logistical nightmare for many folks. 4457 forms need done, airline permits, some in country lay over permits, and the final destination permits need done. But even some airlines don’t allow traveling with firearms and some countries are brutal to travel through with them as well. This can be a challenge to sort out on top of your other trip preparation, and not to mention your day-to-day life with work, kids, and other family needs. I’ve seen it many of times where someones had issues at the start of their dream hunt due to some unknow travel requirements and its left them with a sour taste before the trips even began, this can ruin the experience for you and make you talk badly about traveling with your own hunting rifles to international destinations. I’ve heard many comments like oh no, don’t fly with your own guns it’s such a pain and almost impossible. But that’s not to say you can just use any generic travel agent or expedia type travel pages. I had friend of mine who booked a trip to Namibia but the day before the flight they realized that one of the airlines along their travels would not allow them to bring their own rifles in the end resulting in some head aches and a rental fee from the outfitter. This all could have been avoided had they used a travel agent that is very skilled in the international travel with firearms and archery equipment. This is why I exclusively use and highly recommend PWP travel. I have used many of the “ firearm expert” travel agents over the last 15 years but Patrick has provided me with the best service out of any of them, that’s why for the last 6 years I have used him and him only to sort out my travel needs and the needs of my friends, clients, and family.

If you got any international hunting trips planned and are looking to use a agents service give Patrick and his incredible team a call.



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