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Day of the white Blesbok.

The following day After the lechwe it would be the morning of the white Blesbok. Both the females and the males have horns so it makes it tough to find a big male and up until this morning we hadn’t seen a mature male white Blesbok male but once Sakkie looked at this group he said there’s a good male let’s try to get a shot. The white Blesbok is not a subspecies but is actually a species of its own,they will be seen within the common Blesbok herds and this bull was mixed in with common Blesbok out on a open plane with very few tree’s to give us an approach. We closed the distance to 300 yards Sakkie set the sticks up, I settled my 300 christansen arms on the shoulder and touched off a shot the ram collapsed right in his tracks. Our hunt with @africanfieldsports was already proving to be nothing short of amazing.

south africa hunts
Tracker Bootie and I with the White Blesbok

Blesbok hunting
PH Sakkie annd I


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