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Cant wait to be back in Africa

Flights are booked and the excitement level is at a 10!

Super excited to be spending a good bit of time later this year on my favorite continent.

I had some serious delta flight credit from a previously canceled trip that was about to expire and after getting my dates sorted my man @patricktravelguy owner of PWP Travel  got me squared away for a multi Safari trip that will have some jumping around in country. I was thinking yesterday about how long I’ve used Patrick for all my international hunting travel and it really hasn’t been that long compared to what I was thinking. This marks the 8th year I’ve used Patrick but it seemed like I’d used him for all my trips and I wish I would have found out about him a few years earlier.

A flight booking agent really takes a lot of the guess work out of traveling with a firearm, by using Patrick his team of ladies gets a hold of you after you have your tickets and they hash out all the details and get all the paperwork needed for the permits and such. Now this being said a travel agent can’t do everything for you because some countries and airlines require some paperwork done by the passenger but the PWP crew can walk you through the paperwork step by step to make sure it’s done correctly. They can handle hotel stamens for over night lay overs and all the needed travel logistics.

I like the fact that all my trip info is sent to me in a nice and simple email all in one file so I can save it and print it out for my up coming travel. Plus I love having access to the emergency support from the PWP staff if things do go a bit side ways during my travel and if I need to change up departure dates while on a hunt. Nothing is a perfect world and if you travel enough hiccups happen, people are humans and sometimes you find yourself dealing with brand new employees at an airport 3,000 miles away it’s just part of the process.

If your looking to go on your first safari this year or in coming years I highly recommend you get a travel agent, and I can’t say enough good things about the PWP crew they run a top notch service.

I look forward to this up coming adventure and can’t wait to share it!

Flight confirmation email from PWw travel

Contact PWP to book all of your international hunting hunting travel.


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