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Attention African Outfitters

Attention Africa Outfitters:

Build your brand!! Stop waiting for trade shows to come around to post on social or relying on a booking agent. Start building your brand. If you’re just starting out or have been in the game a while it doesn’t matter start building your brand. Every year it seems like there is a storm of new South African Outfitters that hit the market and guess what it doesn’t matter how good your operation is unless people know about you. Why rely on going to a trade show and having to drag people in the booth, or hope to get one person to stop in and listen to you. Build your brand to where you have a line of people wanting to talk to you. There are several big brands in the South African hunting community and it is because they focus on building that brand. They are using all the low cost tools like social and YouTube to build it. I know if the video I said it’s free but even a IPhone comes at a cost and your time is a cost but a little sweat equity is better than paying a shit ton in advertising that you don’t see a return on. If your posting content it essentially last forever on social and YouTube paying for ads stop when you run out of money..

Build your brand in 2024.


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