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African 29

My African 29

Some people chase the North American 29 and I have done a bit of that my self but for me Africa has been my thing. I didn’t realize it till the trip that was to complete it for me was about to happen but in 2021 I was just one animal away from completing the SCI African 29 with a Roan Antelope. Now this was over 13 safaris and 14 years of hunting Africa to reach this moment, in the 14 years and 13+ safaris I traveled to 5 different countries within the continent and all but two multiple times. This achievement took a lot of days in the bush and is a highlight of my hunting passion but I look forward to continuing to travel and explore the great continent of Africa for all it has to offer. Look for my article on the Roan hunt in an up coming SCI Safari magazine

Want to know what is required for the 29?

Minimum of 29 with 3 of the big 5

Lion ✅

Leopard ✅

Small Cats ✅

Elephant ✅

Rhino ✅

One of Africas Buffalo ✅

Eland ✅

Bongo ✅

Kudu ✅


Bushbuck ✅

Sable ✅

Roan ✅

Oryx ✅

Waterbuck ✅

Lechwe ✅

Kob or Puku ✅

Reedbuck ✅

Wildebeest ✅

Hartebeest ✅

Damalisc ✅

Impala ✅

Gazelle ✅

Springbok ✅

Pygmy Antelope ✅

Dik-dik ✅

Bush Duiker ✅

Forest duiker ✅

Hippo ✅

Wild pig ✅

Croc ✅

The three out of the eligible 34 I’m missing are

Sitatunga, Nubian Ibex, and Aoudad.


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