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Work The Bolt

Working the bolt is probably one of the biggest key factors in success on a hunt in my eyes. Because if you learn to work the bolt, keep track of the animal, and be able to get a second shot in it's going to pay off for you.  People have the tendency to shoot, look up from the scope admire the shot and not get a second shot in if it’s needed.  Even on shots that just drop the animal, too often everyone starts to think high fives and brandies back at camp but a shot that drops the animal isn’t always fatal, you could have just temporally shocked that animal and within minutes he will be kicking, back up to its feet and off. In most Africa that is your animal recovered or not because drawing blood counts towards your permit.

 When you shoot, work the bolt, get back on the target. Even if it drops you might want to put one in for reassurance. 

Before going on Safari always spend time at the range practicing this (off shooting sticks preferably) you don’t need to pack your big bore and shot 30 rounds a week with it. First off ammo isn’t cheap to just be learning to work the bolt, your shoulder will be wanting you to get run over by a buffalo, it  might cause you to start jerking and flinching.

 Take a 22 or a 243. Something with little, to no recoil and just practice working the bolt.

Working the bolt has saved me a lot of time and money, on not losing animals and time tracking.

 So, learn to work the bolt and get a second shot in, bullets are cheap compared to lost game or having to pay another trophy fee if that’s even possible. Put your ego aside and work the bolt it will benefit you better at the end of the day, your PH and trackers will thank you.





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