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What to look for when booking a hunt?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

We are constantly asked what we look for when trying to book a hunt primarily on our international hunts.

This list is not in order of how you should go about it but is a great starting point.

  1. Staff. We look for Staff at all hunting camps we go to from the 2 person staffed camps to the 20 person staffed camps. You want to be able to have great quality staff no matter where you are. A big part of learning about the staff before going on a international or any hunt will be going to trade shows. At these trade show you will most likely be able to sit down and talk with owner operators/ guides and PH'S (the guys you will be spending your hunting days with) You will be able to create a bond and learn if you like their personalities. This one on one interaction is key for you to get a feel for them. At these trade shows you will tend to spend time with them at diners and at the bar after the show halls have closed, that is another great time to learn who you might be booking a hunt with.

  2. Second call the reference list that the outfitters will give you and have on their website. Ask the references about the other staff members, maybe you're talking about Africa and will ask about the trackers, the skinner, the cook. Ask if they enjoy spending time around them so on so forth.

  3. Location/Area If your looking for a place you want to hunt mule deer and wanting to buy a private land tag/landowner tag or looking to go to Africa, look at the size of area that way you have more animals (typically in good areas) with more room, see if they have photos of the area that way you can look at how it looks and if that's what you pictured in your mind. If you want to hunt Mountain mule deer don't be booking a hunt in a desert sage brush area you'll be disappointed,

  4. logging/ accommodations Depending on what type of hunt and experience you want this will change for that setting but a general rule of thumb is you want it to be the best setup for the type of hunt you are going on. Even a remote sheep camp should check the boxes for what your wanting to experience If tents are provided for you, you want to make sure they don't have holes in them, aren't poorly taken care of and falling apart. Ask for pictures and always ask the references you call and or email. If your going to Africa and wanting to do the lodge style or the traditional tented Safari camp style always ask for photos and or videos!

  5. Food. Food is a key thing on any hunt and is probably the number 1 make or break of any hunt because if your not eating or getting sick from the food your not going to enjoy your hunt at all. Again ask references, get photos, ask how many times a day you eat, ask if there will be a snack box on the truck, ask if you will be staying in the field for lunch or going back to camp. If your driving back to camp every day while on Safari that could cost you some hunting time. If your going to Asia ask if you need to bring any dehydrated meals with you because sometimes they do recommend that because the food you will get is not that great and can make you sick. Remember to let them know about any food allergies you have.

  6. Quality Of Game. Its all about your expectations. Do you want a lot of game or quality of game especially here in the lower 48 some of the best trophy producing units have lower quantities of game. Now in Africa your going to want more game because when your driving around on day 8 of a 10 day hunt and haven't seen much for animals your moral is going to be super low and your going to be looking for your quickest way out of there. Same with Asia I think its key to be seeing more game on international hunts to keep you in a good mood, Now some times you are going after a specific animal on these hunts like a big Ibex or an Alti Argali and you might not see many other animals but you know what you are there for and you are already expecting that to be more of grind without seeing a ton of new animals each and every day.

I hope these few simple tips help you when looking for your next adventure.


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