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United Arab Emirates Firm Banned From Hunting In Tanzania

Tanzania has revoked Abu Dhabi- based Green Mile Safari’s hunting license for allegedly violating game hunting rules. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism claims the company violated several hunting regulations, including the killing of wild animals not specified in its hunting license.

Green Mile Safari is also accused of failing to pay the concession fees to local communities during the past two years. The amount allegedly kept from the communities is over $140,000, according to an article in The East African, a weekly newspaper published in Kenya by the Nation Media Group.

Green Mile Safari is linked to the UAE’s ruling family and denies the allegations, blaming them on a smear campaign, said the article.

The ban was announced by Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Dr. Hamisi Kigwangallah, who also accused the company of employing minors.

The Director of Green Mile Safari, Awadh Abdallah, claimed the company would continue with its operations in northern Tanzania and that the charges are part of a dirty campaign against the company, which was also suspended from hunting in Tanzania from 2014 to 2016. The earlier suspension and the most recent ban were both the result of a violation of the Wildlife Conservation Act which prohibits safari and amateur hunters from chasing and shooting animals as well as killing young animals.

SCI will continue to monitor and report on this situation as new developments occur.

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