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A slam is considered one of the biggest feats in turkey hunting. A hunter must harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slams in turkey hunting to complete a slam. If you want to test your turkey hunting skills and abilities, aim to complete one or all six slams. 


Grand Slam — All four U.S. Subspecies (Eastern, Osceola or Florida, Rio Grande and Merriam’s)

Royal Slam — The Grand Slam plus the Gould’s (found in Mexico and limited areas of the Southwest)

World Slam — Royal Slam plus the ocellated wild turkey (found in Mexico and Central America)

Canadian Slam — Harvesting the Eastern and Merriam’s in any Canadian province (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta or British Colombia)

Mexican Slam — Rio Grande, Gould’s and ocellated wild turkey harvested in Mexico only

U.S. Super Slam — Harvest one wild turkey subspecies in every state except Alaska

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