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The Perfect First Safari Species List

If yo are planning on booking you first African Safari here is what we consider the perfect first Safari

Okay so you might have a outfitter already picked out and you might already have a species list dialed in but you might not and. this is a good guideline to what we think of as being the perfect firs Safari. We will list a few trusted outfitters at the end but here is what we consider the perfect first Safari in regards to what species we would suggest you look at hunting with a price point.

First off when ever you think of Africa. and plains game species you think Kudu.

Kudu are a ver affordable species to hunt and one that most any one will be able to recognize on your wall.

Kudu usually very between price with outfitters. With area and subspecies but a good ball park would be between $1,800-$2,800

Second on our Species list would be a Gemsbok again a Gemsbok is a very affordable big plains game species that most people will recognize when they walk into your trophy room. Plus gemsbok make a fine table fair while on Safari.

Gemsbok usually run between $ 1,100-$2,500 depending on Outfitter & area.

Species number 3 for our perfect fist Safari species list is the African Impala,

The impala is an iconic species of Africa and everyone should know what it Is when they. see yours back from the taxidermist. As well as they are great eating, make a beautiful soft back skin and some amazing mounts regardless of what style you do.

Impala can run from $280-$500 making them super affordable.

The world wide known Warthog makes the short list of species to hunt on your first African Safari.

The warthog makes for a challenging hunt to find a very big tusker and a very unique species.

Warthog's usually run between $280-$500.

5th on the list is the glamorous blue wildebeest.

The blue wildebeest is often called the poor mans Cape buffalo due to how tough they can be and how much lead they can soak up. With that your shooting skills will be tested and give you an incredible hunt for one of the most glamorous plains game species of South Africa.

The final plains game species on our list is the Burchells Zebra one of a few species of Zebra's.

Zebra are an incredible table fair while on safari while being some of the best cat bait on the continent, and some incredible taxidermy work.

Zebras usually run from $750-$1,500

That is our top 6 plains. game species we would recommend taking on your very first African safari.

Now here is the one Dangerous game species we have on this list.

We know it might have a little more of a budget increase then a normal plains game safari but if you can swing it, it's a hunt you will not regret doing and one you will want to return back to Africa for time and time again.

The Cape buffalo also know as Africa's Black Death!

good legit Cape buffalo hunts run from $8,000 and up depending on areas, permits , size & more.

Here are a few of our recommend trusted African outfitters.

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