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Testing these out in the Forest of Cameroon

When you think of hunting the forest of Cameroon you think of short distance shots of feet not yards. But there will be times when you need to class down a road or use your Binos in the thick to pick out the size or sex of an animal.

But you don't need the 12x42 power or. the 10x42 power binoculars.

So after doing some research and digging we decided on the smaller 8x32 powered NL Pure Binos from Swarvoski.

After calling the guys at Epic Optics we had two pairs coming to the Western Hunting Expo for us to pick up to get ready for our trip to Cameroon in early April to hunt the forest species that call Cameroon home.

Stay tuned for a in-depth review on how well these Swarvoski 8x32 NL Pure Binos work for us in the wet tight confined spaces of the African Jungle of Cameroon.

Here are some specs on this pair of optics.


32 mmEffective objective lens diameter

8.5 °Field of view degrees

92 %

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