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Stone Hunting Safaris – African Hunting Outfitters since 1998

Stone Hunting Safaris was established in 1998 by two brothers with extensive experience in hunting dangerous game and plains throughout Africa. Stone Hunting Safaris operate in South Africa, Namibia, Ehtiopia, Zambia and Tanzania, offering top quality hunting safaris in the best areas Africa has to offer. We will tailor-make your Safari to suit your individual needs and ensure that you will return home with top quality trophies and memories that will last a lifetime.

Why we trust Stone Hunting Safaris

Stone hunting safaris operates one of the best Safari outfitting companies in the world.

 We took a safari in 2018 with him where we harvest some really high-quality trophies including a giant leopard, monster hippo, great buffalo and the potential world record archery puku. Along with that, it was one of the best safaris we have had out of our 12 years 18 safari Africa hunting career 

 First class Bush safari camps with 5-star meals and 10-star experiences. If you want to experience wild Africa and have the time of your life on safari while seeing some of the best concessions and hunting the best animals available we highly recommend that you give Stone Hunting Safaris a call. 

African Hunting Outfitters since 1998. CONTACT US. Jason: +27 73 361 6619. Clinton: +27 79 878 6176. Email:

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