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Rethinking Arrow and Broadhead Performance: Article 1

A NEW Series of Bowhunting Articles by the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

Would you like to hunt with arrows and broadheads that give you pass-throughs on big game shot after shot? Would you like to have complete confidence in your arrows and broadheads to give you lethal penetration and reliable kills even if you hit bone? Of course, you would! Every serious bowhunter wants that kind of performance from their setup.

Imagine achieving a complete pass-through on nearly every shot. Imagine arrow and broadhead builds that can enter an animal on a frontal shot and end up on the ground behind them. Imagine busting through shoulder blades and leg bones if you accidentally hit them while still achieving lethal penetration. All of these things are possible with the right equipment.

Experienced big game bowhunters have always realized that not all hits on big game will be perfect. They recognize that anticipating arrow penetration under as many shot and hit conditions as possible is paramount in arrow lethality.

In 1943, Fred Bear wrote in Ye Sylvan Archer, “A deer can be killed with almost any combination if no heavy bones are struck but what is needed is something that will crash through where the going is tough.” In Hunting the Hard Way, Howard Hill wrote of arrow lethality on big game, “All else being equal, penetration is the name of the game.”

If you have ever wanted to know the “why” behind poor arrow penetration and “how” you can ensure dependable arrow performance, then you will find the upcoming articles from the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation fascinating. Over the next several issues, the folks from the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation are going to write a series of articles that will describe all the factors and strategies you need to incorporate into your arrow and broadhead builds to get this kind of powerful, lethal arrow penetration.

These articles will change the way you think about arrow and broadhead performance. All of the recommended strategies for building your perfect arrow setups will be covered. The science and testing that goes into these recommendations will be revealed, including specific arrow and broadhead build recommendations so that you will understand why these strategies work so well and how you can build your own deadly arrow and broadhead setups.

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