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Responding to hunting forum questions. Part1

Here is a great question I recenlty seen and answered on a seperate chat form and wanted to share the question and my response with you all here. I feel like this is a great question and one that many people have.

I hope you find value to the response and that it helps you out as well.

"I'm thinking about booking an African Safari for my son and I as a graduation gift, which is still 4 years away so I have plenty of time to research and book. My wife will most likely go too as an observer.

My #1 bucket list animal is a Kudu! Then from there is a Warthog, Nyala, Blue or black Wildebeest, Gemsbok, and Jackel.

One of my biggest questions is on the Kudu. My understanding is there are Greater Kudu and lesser Kudu, but lots of outfitters list East Africa Kudu. Are those Greater or Lesser, or something else? I hear people say, the best place for giant Kudu is Botswana. But is that still a good place for a first time trip? Still have good numbers of the other animals were after? I guess that’s why I’m here, to start researching these questions ."

Super exciting that you’re looking to plan this trip and do it as a graduation gift, I’d say that could be one of the best gifts ever. It would make a good family trip and something that your entire family would enjoy lots of stuff for the wife to experience and do.

Some outfitters offer some great actives for non-hunters to do such as visiting parks, horseback rides, cooking classes, and even going to town to shop. If they don’t want to spend everyday hunting. Heck even just hanging by the pool in camp is fun if they have one or doing separate game drives.


Breaking down the kudu:

There are two species of Kudu in Africa. The Greater and the lesser as you have mentioned.

The lesser kudu is only hunted in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Typically, not the first-time safari destination as it comes with a price but man they are some of the best hunting destinations in the world. Can attest to that having personally hunted both of them multiple times.

Your Greater kudu range from South Africa all the way up through East and West Africa

Subspecies are:

Eastern Cape great Kudu (South Africa, truly from the Eastern cape but are said to be into the Northern Cape and surrounding areas. Personally, I think they are just poorer quality Southern Greater in these areas)

Southern greater Kudu (hunted in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique)

East African Greater Kudu (hunted in Tanzania)

Abyssinian Great Kudu (hunted only in Ethiopia)

Western Greater Kudu (currently only hunted in Chad)

For a family trip and the species, you have listed that your wanting  Warthog, Nyala, Blue or black Wildebeest, Gemsbok, and Jackel.  I’d look at going to Limpopo or the KwaZulu Natal province. These two provinces will produce the list you’re looking for and have some incredible quality of Kudu as well as good quality Nyala.


Bots does take some good kudu but you’re not going to find Nyala there. Zimbabwe has great Kudu and Nyala but very few Gemsbok (haven’t seen one hunted there since the 90’s)

For your list your after I would focus on SA as they have a much more abundance game list and can suit your needs for a great family graduation trip.

Limpopo Baboon

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