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Rams of the world

Here are some of the various species of sheep found around the world.

McKenzie Sims Blandford Urial from Pakistan

Daryll Hosker Blue Sheep from Pakistan.

Mark Peterson Desert Bighorn from Mexico

Daryll Hosker Altay Argali from Mongolia

McKenzie Sims Marco Polo Argali from Tajikistan

Mark Peterson Afghan Urial from Pakistan

Mark Milleg Dagestan Tur Azerbaijani

Daryll Hosker Korayak Snow Sheep Russia

McKenzie Sims Dall Sheep from Alaska

Dennis Campbell Hangay Argali from Mongolia

J Alain Smith SEVERTZOV ARGALI from Uzbekistan

J Alain Smith YAKUTIA SNOW SHEEP from Russia

Hope you enjoyed seeing and learning some of these awesome unique sheep from around the world taken by our members and contributors.

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